Kiraly Payne

March issue  


Hailing from Bolingbrook, IL but taking Chicago by storm, Kiraly Payne is one of those artist that grab your attention and never lets up on you. From packing gut wrenching lyrics to futuristic production Payne sets himself apart in the era of the turn up.

From your first listen you can hear a bunch of influences that help to make up the palette Payne offers. As an artist, research can make or break you and he definitely understand the rules of the game.

“My influences are kind of hard to explain because they’re broken down into sections. For instance, initially I started rapping because of TI , also loved Lil Wayne and Eminem. Then Kendrick came around, and till this day Kendrick is my favorite rapper ever. But, favorite of all time doesn’t mean my favorite at the moment. At the moment, Smino is by FAR my biggest influence.”

The “Tank on E” Rapper is on his way to being a household name but isn’t concerned with all the hype and celebrity when talking about his impact he stated, “n rap, I just wanna make the best music possible while showing people it’s still cool to be a good rapper”.

Payne’s music sparks energy and wittiness from the metaphorical way he organizes words and phrases down to the cadence, he’s an artist that is very hard not to pay attention. With bullets in the chamber musically, he’s going to make a big impact in the rap world

“Projects, to be honest I could drop an entire album right now but I’m very picky on how i want the sound to be. Whatever I drop I need that shit to be extremely cohesive. Expect an ep at least in the summer tho , I can definitely say that”.

Be on the lookout for more music and visuals from Kiraly Payne as he climbs the rap ladder and keeps taking NO LOSSES.