DXSTRCT 7 is an urban street wear brand cultivating the youth through art, music, and fashion. The team at DXSTRXCT 7 works extremely hard to provide quality apparel and acts as a voice for the youth in the world who feel as though they don't  have one. DXSTRXCT 7 understands that to be a staple in the community it takes more than just having a brand, it takes using that opportunity to give back to those who helped and supported the entire way to the top. This brand was created to acknowledge the dreamers and believers who do pivotal things in their neighborhoods, surrounding communities, and the world. Each consumer and supporter who believes in the core values of RITUAL, RESPECT, CULTURE, FAITH, and STYLE is apart of the neighborhood that the brand has built and the family that it cherishes, BE YOU. BE BOLD. BE DXSTRXCT. JOIN THE NEIGHBORHOOD,

Keep cultivating the youth and watch the youth become the future