DXSTRXCT 7 was founded in 2013 by Rashard D. Feggins as a way to expand his creativity in the art world and make an introduction into the fashion world. His love for fashion stemmed from early childhood; drawing designs in notebooks and even repurposing worn out clothes and making them into fresh new looks.  Attending middle school in Chicago is when he started to really get into street wear brands and boutiques. His growing interest in fashion continued through high school as he would go and hang out with friends at local stores to get a glimpse of how things were ran and how products were distributed to consumers. in 2013 after his freshman year of college, Rashard bought to his parents attention that he wanted to start a clothing line called DXSTRXCT 7. Rashard's parents weren't really sure if this was what he wanted being that he had never really stayed consistent with many of the ideas he had. Over the next two years, he searched for internships that taught students about fashion and how to run the business. In 2015 Rashard took advantage of an opportunity presented at YOUmedia Chicago, located in the Harold Washington Library where he spent most of his time as a high school student. The opportunity provided a chance to design for local boutiques by way of an internship provided by the Commonwealth foundation called Projectus also partnered with Kanye West's Dondas House foundation. Working hard preparing pieces, creating a portfolio, and submitting designs to local brands for numerous weeks, Rashard received a fashion fund award to start a brand. After seeing the work Rashard completed in the program, his mom decided to invest, becoming a partner in the company and helping to get the ball rolling with production and promotion. DXSTRXCT 7 is a relatively new company but is working hard to becoming a fashion staple not only in Chicago but a staple globally.


DXSTRCT 7 is an urban street wear brand cultivating the youth through art, music, and fashion. The team at DXSTRXCT 7 works extremely hard to provide quality apparel and acts as a voice for the youth in the world who feel as though they don't  have one. DXSTRXCT 7 understands that to be a staple in the community it takes more than just having a brand, it takes using that opportunity to give back to those who helped and supported the entire way to the top. This brand was created to acknowledge the dreamers and believers who do pivotal things in their neighborhoods, surrounding communities, and the world. Each consumer and supporter who believes in the core values of RITUAL, RESPECT, CULTURE, FAITH, and STYLE is apart of the neighborhood that the brand has built and the family that it cherishes, BE YOU. BE BOLD. BE DXSTRXCT. JOIN THE NEIGHBORHOOD,

Keep cultivating the youth and watch the youth become the future